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DC Engineering fryer

Product number: 1249
Type: Fryer
Year of construction: 2014
Belt width: 400 mm

MEAC belt Microwave

Product number: 1248
Type: Multiheat 32
Year of construction: 2003
Belt width: 450 mm

CRM forming machine

Product number: 1247
Type: Planus H200/94
Serial number: 197
Year of construction: 1996

Duurland slad spinner

Product number: 1246H
Type: Sonet
Serial number: 97SON014
Year of construction: 1997

Gernal vacuumtumbler

Product number: 1245
Type: HBV-K-M-250
Serial number: 98/00659
Year of construction: 1998

Vakona vacuumtumbler

Product number: 1244H
Type: ESK 400 STL-B
Serial number: 5129
Year of construction: 2009

Frigoscandia Flofreeze

Product number: 1243G
Type: MX-123 Mark II
Serial number: 1390001
Year of construction: 1996

Bizerba weighing- & labelling system

Product number: 1242
Type: GLM-I
Serial number: 10116954
Year of construction: 2007

CFS oil fryer

Product number: 1241WB
Type: Easyfry EFR7000/1050-1775
Year of construction: 2010
Belt width: 1050 mm

Ishida traysealer

Product number: 1240
Type: QX775
Serial number: 580052
Year of construction: 2004

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