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Stephan microcut emulsifier

Product number: 1714
Type: MCHD150
Serial number: 727.229.01
Year of construction: 2001

Magurit fresh cutter

Product number: 1713
Type: Galan 930
Serial number: 5148
Year of construction: 2004

Glass mixer-tumbler

Product number: 1712
Type: VSM300 o.D
Serial number: 3062
Year of construction: 2009

Holac dicer

Product number: 1711
Type: Cubixx100L
Serial number: 003-47-49
Year of construction: 2011

Stork dry coating machine

Product number: 1710P
Type: Rotocrumb TRC630
Serial number: 10060876
Year of construction: 2007

CFS preduster

Product number: 1709P
Type: OPF 600
Serial number: 1465
Year of construction: 2002

Stein tempura dipper

Product number: 1708P
Type: T-1-16
Serial number: 481
Year of construction: 1999

Stein transport conveyor

Product number: 1707P
Type: P-1
Serial number: 243
Year of construction: 1999

Stein all purpose batter applicator

Product number: 1706P
Type: APB-16
Serial number: 244
Year of construction: 1999

STM Havantec batter mixer

Product number: 1705H
Type: MK-200
Serial number: 37180039
Year of construction: 2018

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