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Vemag sausage lines

Product number: 1453PR
Type: HP10E
Serial number: 1610047
Year of construction: 2007

GEA paddle mixer

Product number: 1452I
Type: UNIMIX2500
Serial number: 5000066767
Year of construction: 2009

Seydelmann automatic grinder

Product number: 1451P
Type: AU200B
Serial number: 131330-1
Year of construction: 2013

Koppens coating line

Product number: 1450
Type: ER200 + PR200
Serial number: 1152 + 1052
Year of ocnstruction: 1995

Henkelman vacuummachine

Product number: 1449H
Type: Polar 2-75 KK
Serial number: P401003041
Year of construction: 2010

Loos steam boiler

Product number: 1448P
Type: UL-S-4000
Serial number: 104698
Year of construction: 2008

Itec tilting device

Product number: 1447P
Type: 2750M
Serial number: 013
Year of construction: 1997

Stephan universal machine

Product number: 1446PR
Type: UM60E
Serial number: 733635
Year of construction: 2009

Handtmann vacuumfiller

Product number: 1445
Type: VF100B
Serial number: 1101
Year of construction: 1995

Gelan/Safeline metal detector

Product number: 1444
Serial number: 20645
Year of construction: 1996
Belt width: 200 mm

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