Máquinas para la carga ergonómica de máquinas y mesas, entre otras.

NN elevating screw

Product number: 1749
Infeed height: 2150 mm
Outfeed height: 3300 mm
Infeed bunker: 1300 x 1200 mm

NN elevating screw

Product number: 1575
Diameter screw: 300 mm
Pitch: 275 mm
Screw length: 4650 mm

Syspal goods lifter

Product number: 1410
Type: Goods lifter
Lifting capacity: 2 pc. crates
Crates: 600 x 400 x 300 mm

Gröneweg Maschinenbau Lifter

Product number: 1329
Type: EAZ-M-1400-250
Serial number: HE-EAZ-508132-02
Year of construction: 2012

Wolfking / Scanio dolav lifter

Product number: 1321
Type: K100
Serial number: 9155
Year of construction: 1999

Karl Schnell elevating screw

Product number: 1113
Type: 642
Serial number: 13160
Year of construction: 1998

Velati elevating screw

Product number: 1042
Type: Coclea
Serial number: 005205
Year of construction: 2005

Carnitech Lifter

Product number: 965
Type: L120
Serial number: 1-2498
Year of construction: 1998

Nawi product bunker

Product number: 929
Type: 23652
Serial number: 101469
Year of construction: 2010

Gunther loading device

Product number: 495
Type: GVB2000
Serial no.: 26169
Year of construction: 2000

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